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Xdebug 2.8.0beta2 is out!

This is the second beta release in the Xdebug 2.8 series.

The 2.8 series primarily adds support for PHP 7.4, but also improves Xdebug's breakpoint functionality by adding support for the 'resolved_breakpoint' flag.

This second beta release fixes a dozen bugs, and switches the Microsoft Compiler version back to Visual Studio 2017, which is also used for the newly released PHP 7.4.0beta4.

Everybody is encouraged to try out this new version, but please be aware that Xdebug 2.8.0beta2 is not fully ready. Which means that crashes can still occur. If you find any problems, please report them to the issue tracker.

The full list of changes can be found on the updates page.

The source code and Windows binaries can be found on the downloads page, and as usual, Xdebug is installable through PECL.

Some time ago, I wrote a blog post "The Xdebug Experience" about the future of Xdebug, and how you can help through becoming a supporter on Patreon. I also write monthly reports on Xdebug's progress on my website.