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Xdebug 2.7.0 is out!

This is the first release of the Xdebug 2.7 series.

This version of Xdebug primarily adds support for PHP 7.3. It also adds support for single step debugging of forked PHP worker processes.

Beyond this meagre set of features, this release also fixes numerous memory leaks, bugs, and incompatibilities with Zend Opcache. Everybody is encouraged to upgrade to this new version.

The full list of changes can be found on the updates page.

I have written a blog post "The Xdebug Experience" about the future of Xdebug, and how you can help through becoming a supporter on Patreon.

The source code and Windows binaries can be found on the downloads page, and as usual, Xdebug is installable through PECL.

This release also contains contributions by: Christoph Becker, Peter Kokot, Philip Hofstetter, Remi Collet, and Thomas Vanhaniemi — Thanks!